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Client industry

Health and life sciences


Improve and accelerate access to clinical trial data for researchers.


A single, intuitive platform to combine and integrate clinical health data without sacrificing participant privacy

Insight provided:

  • Security model architecture on Azure
  • Design, implementation and deployment of application, network and research environment architectures
  • Additional feature development
  • Ongoing management and maintenance support
  • UX design, architecture and implementation
  • Partnership on efficiency upgrades


  • 6,700+ clinical trials contributed and growing
  • 82.6% user growth in 4 years (average 20.65% growth YoY)
  • 168% clinical data growth in 4 years (average 42% growth YoY)
  • 35 hours saved per month on reporting process
  • Pioneering discoveries for COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance and more
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